Parenting Teenagers

Parenting teenagers can be either one of the best or the worst jobs in the world. It just depends on how you look at things and what your perspective is. If you raised your child with love and affection, and if you taught them discipline when they were still very young as well, parenting teenagers of any age should become easier.

Despite what you might see on TV and media of teenagers as angst-ridden, emotionally troubled kids, it just isn’t true. Most teenagers are reasonably well-adjusted and will snap back on their feet despite a few knocks to the head.
Although they might be well-adjusted, I never said that parenting teenagers were ever easy. So, even if you have a stable family life, and even if you have a well-adjusted teen on your hands, there are things that are working against you even we speak. And peer pressure is amongst one of the leading causes for this disharmony amongst you and your teen.

Your teenager wants to do something, but you don’t want them to. You don’t feel it’s safe, or the right thing for them to be doing, but their friends are have all gotten permission from their parents, so why can’t they go too. This is where you’re supposed to feel like a heel for being the disciplinarian parent and for denying your teenagers what they want.

Kids of all ages however need discipline in their lives, so don’t give in. Just keep telling yourself that although parenting teenagers can sometimes be bad for your blood pressure. the rewards, later on, are fully worth it. And if that doesn’t work treat yourself to a peaceful ten minutes in the easy chair, a mug of coffee by your side, and gear up for the next bout.

The other thing that you’ll have to be forever aware of when parenting teenagers is that no matter how sensible your teen is at home when they get together with their friends any thought of doing the right thing flies straight out of their heads. This isn’t so much peer pressure as it is just youthful high spirits.

It’s always easier to try new things and break the rules if you’re not one person. This is a pack mentality that most teens will have. This, however, is not good if you want to be parenting teenagers without losing your mind with worry over them.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about this except to keep your teenager as close to home as possible. The way to accomplish this is of course to make your teen’s friends welcome into your house so they feel like coming over to hang out at your place more often.